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    how to make my blog appear first in google search
    How to get your blog on google first page 2019

     How do you bring blog posts to the first page in Google search result 2020?

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     If you want to bring your post to the top of the Google search result, then you have to take a few things while writing your post.  So how should you write your post and what things you need to take care of while writing a post is all about this post in this post below.

     Before learning to write a good post, you have to understand all the points given below.  If you understand the points given below, then you can also write your post well and bring it up in the Google search result.

     Point of attention while writing a post -

     Post Title

     Post URL

     Post content

     Focus Keywords (Focus Keyword)

     Internal and External Link

     Image and Video

     1. Post Title - The first and most important part of a post is the title of the post, whenever you ever write a post, first you have to pay attention to your posting title, the title of your post is ever larger  You should always have to think of a short title for your post and the title of your post should be something so that whenever anyone looks at it, then it can be found that your post is  So true about the title of your post should be short and clear.

     2. Post URL - Post URL is the second most important part of the post after the title of the post, then after the post title you have to pay attention to the URL of your post on the second number if you write a post in English.  The title of your post is the URL of your post, but if you write your post in Hindi, then you have to create your own post URL as yourself.  Foundation's say the title of your post "How Google Works" then the URL would look something like this - www.yourdomain.com/google-kaise-kaam-karta-hai

     3. Post Content - After Post Title and Post URL, you have to pay attention to the content of your post i.e. you have to pay attention to the contents of your post. Your post should be of 600 words,  You can also write, but if we look at Google ranking, your post should be at least 600 words, because Google places a lot more words of importance  If possible, then you should keep your post more than 600 words, and your post should never be in a paragraph, your post should have different paragraphs.

     4.) Focus Keyword - Always have a focus keyword inside your entire post. Now let's try to explain the focus keyword to you with an example such as assuming you are writing a post over Google  The title of your post is "how Google works". Now Google is a focus keyword within this title, so the focus keyword should also be within the URL of your post and also be within your post.  That is, the Google word that should be contained within the title of your post, within the URL of your post and within the content of your post.

     5.) Internal and External Link - There should be an internal link and an external link inside your post.  What is internal sex and what is external penis?  Internet links are those that are a link inside your website i.e. a link to a post on your website or a link to a page is called the internal link of your website and an external link is the link that is outside of your website  That is, a link to another website or a link to another website or a link to a page can be done so that you have an internal link within your website  You must have an external link and it is internal and external link. You can put it behind a word or even insert it directly within your post, then you must always use an internal link and an external link within your post.  Please.

     6.) Image and Video - You must always use an image or a video inside your post and as far as possible you should use an image i.e. to have an image inside all your posts.  If necessary, as far as possible you must use an image inside all your posts.

     So these were some points that you should always keep in mind when writing a post if you understand all of the above points and use them well in your post, then you can also post your post in the Google search result.  Can you bring up?

     If you want to ask us any questions about the information given by us, please tell it and if you have any questions, then you can also ask and comment below.

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